Thursday, March 5, 2009


Gd evening everyone!!
Alahai..bile larr bleh buat reflection yg betol2 neh..xtau nk susun proper ayat.kang kna gelak je nnt ble kome baca reflection yg bukan2..
Lychee, can u plz be my SIFU..."tunjuk ajar ku sifu"..
arini i masuk english class (lg n lg)..siap 2 kelas hopefully dh setel yg 3hr english observation..blh larr start wat reflection..2,2 kelas yg i attend are yr4 class.1 from 2nd best class and the other 1 from the 3rd best class..the teacher was the for the reflection we can compare the approaches to the different class by the same teacher..

What can i say..for the lower level class, the teacher(Hjh Muliyati,
actly we call her Kak Ti) used more action&role play as the approach.Today she taught the poem (Mary Had a little Lamb)..She ask the pupils to do action @play roles according to poem they'v read..It is very interesting!!I can see pupils always laugh and enjoy the class..haa...i almost forget, the class is really hot u know, without the fans functioned but the pupils seems forget about that.they just followed teacher's instruction without complain..Sometimes i feel embarrassed becoz i always wipe my face with blotting paper, showing that i cannot 'tahan' with the the class is after the recess which is @10.45am..Teacher Muliyati used english 4 most of the time, but when she saw the pupils cannot understand what she said, then she translate the words..

For the 2nd best class, teacher Muliyati used BBM (which is CD, provided by Kementerian) to teach the pupils..She told us (me & Lina), she's not very well today..that's why she ask the student to go the PPSMI room and use CD(Normally she just going to the class and teach with flash cards and hand outs)..
During the introduction, she play the sad story with the title "Me, Myself & I". She actually wanna taught about the ordinal number.The pupils in this class is quite active.They didn't hesitate to put up hands to answer the question. I can see that eventhough teacher Muliyati is sick, she keeps teaching the pupils like she's ok..(I really salute her. that's the way teacher should act.very professional)...

That's all i can write today..I will tell it more, later if there's any request from u all..haha..

U know I was unlucky today..I left my bag in school this weekend I can't do much on my assignment.huhu..pity me..

But i have bought the drawing block n oil i will concentrate on drawing poster for TP.haha..

see u next time...


  1. haha!don't call like that.
    i hoping to read ur journal. but i wait n wait....
    it is quite easy when u using gibb's method.
    poster habis share sikit idea ya! >_<*

  2. Huh..dasat dia nih..canggih gak PNP kat sane..jauh perjalanan byk pengalaman..aku kena g kelantan la camtu ek dr putrajaya nih =)